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This is almost a comprehensive list of all the trade unions affiliated with the

Knoxville-Oak Ridge Central Labor Council 


Carpenters are skilled craftsmen who work with wood and other materials to construct, repair and install structures and fixtures. They read blueprints, select materials, cut and shape them and assemble the pieces to create sturdy and precise structures. Carpenters also perform finishing work, such as applying finishes and installing fixtures, while adhering to safety protocols and regulations.

Electrical workers are responsible for installing and maintaining wiring, control and lighting systems. They inspect electrical components, such as transformers and circuit breakers. On the job, they identify electrical problems using a variety of testing devices and repair or replace wiring, equipment or fixtures using hand tools and power tools.

The goal of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) is to train electrical workers, provide jobs for them and protect their rights on the job, while advancing the electrical community.

IBEW 270 works at the Oak Ridge DOE facilities as well as in adjacent counties. IBEW 760 works primarily in  Knoxville and at TVA facilities.

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Insulators install and maintain insulation materials in buildings to regulate temperature, prevent moisture buildup and reduce noise. This involves reading blueprints, measuring and cutting insulation materials, and applying them to surfaces. They also inspect and repair existing insulation to ensure quality standards.

Iron workers are skilled tradespeople who specialize in the installation and construction of iron and steel structures such as bridges, buildings and towers. They are responsible for reading and interpreting blueprints, fabricating, assembling and erecting iron and steel structures using hand and power tools, welding equipment and cranes. They also inspect, maintain and repair existing structures to ensure they meet safety and quality standards.


Members of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades have the opportunity to work on a variety of commercial, industrial and residential projects, with a choice of focusing on painting, drywall or glazing. Painters are responsible for coating surfaces such as walls, ceilings and machinery using a variety of tools and techniques. Specialized coating work will be done such as sandblasting, waterproofing and fireproofing. Drywall finishers will be installing and finishing drywall and other interior surfaces. Glaziers will be glazing and installing glass in windows and doors 

Laborers’ Local 818 is an affiliate local of the Laborers International Union of North America. As a construction union, Local 818 represents construction workers, rad workers, hazardous waste workers, asbestos abatement workers and ground/maintenance workers.


Plumbers and steamfitters install, repair and maintain piping systems for liquids and gases in buildings. They read blueprints, measure, cut and join pipes, and install and repair plumbing fixtures. They are also responsible for maintaining heating and cooling systems that use water or steam.

Sheet metal workers fabricate, install and repair sheet metal products and components. This involves reading blueprints, measuring, cutting and shaping sheet metal using hand and power tools, and welding or soldering components together. You will inspect and repair existing products to ensure safety and quality.


Teamsters Local 519 is a labor union representing workers in various industries as America's largest and most diverse union, specializing in transportation and logistics. Teamsters represents municipal, county and state workers across private and public sectors in almost every occupation. 

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